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Blake Carter can be contacted at blakecarter13(at)gmail(dot)com, or search Facebook for “Blake Carter Tacoma.” He’s on Instagram @blakethecarter

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Hi Blake, the folks at Wolves and People brewery game me your name yesterday when I inquired about the piece with the faded wolf face image made up of smaller people (like others on your site). Have a bunch of wolf hybrid dogs myself and loved that. Was wondering if I could get one like that for my home, and if so what do you charge?

Comment by Paul Martin

Hi Paul! Thanks for contacting me. Sorry for the delayed response, but I received your message on the first day of a trip to Mexico and didn’t have time to respond. I would love to do another wolf piece! I generally charge about twice as much for commissions compared to finished pieces, which would put a new wolf piece of similar size at $1,600. If you’re interested, we could work together on selecting the image I’d work from. I bought the image I used for the Wolves & People piece from Shutterstock, but am open to working from an image provided from you (of your wolf hybrid dog/s), another image from Shutterstock (I have an account), or anything else with permission from the photographer. Please let me know what you think about price, size, material (wood vs paper), and image. I sell my work independently so am flexible. My general policy is that if someone really wants a piece, I want them to have it. With custom pieces, I love fitting them to a certain space and figuring out what will work best for a particular buyer in a particular space. Look forward to hearing from you. Please reply to my e-mail:


Just realized I left out part of my e-mail: It’s



I am looking for the “headshots” displayed last year at the Depot near Port Townsend. Do you have any lingering around?


Comment by Todd

Hi Todd! The $20 Heads are still up at the Disco Bay Detour and available for purchase through the bartender/barista. Thanks for asking!


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